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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Tuesday Random 5: Debbie Downer edition

1.  So, this one's depressing. I had to euthanize my dog, Bear, Monday morning. He hurt himself Thursday and I took him to the vet Friday night. They diagnosed him with osteosarcoma  (bone cancer) that metastasized to his lungs and bowel.  There wasn't much they could do, so we decided to bring him home for the weekend, spoil him, and let him go.   I already miss that loveable dude so much. It is weird not to see him. He was a beautiful dog, half German Shepherd, half retriever, and he loved kids. He used to sneak out of the gate and run off over night. At first, I was so worried something would happen to him, but every single time, he would be sitting on our porch the next morning. He always knew to come back home.
2. I have had high anxiety days, today and yesterday. At mass tonight, I really thought I was going to pass out.  Last night, I made Rick keep his arm around me all night. I slept like shit and I feel kind of depressed. Please say a special prayer for me, if you do that kind of thing. I think it will be another long night tonight.
3.  I am officially the office Grinch. I always kind of have been, but it was solidified today. My coworker who sits right next to me put up lights outside of her cubicle and someone suggested that they string lights all down the aisle. I politely suggested they skip over mine. I got a weird look from my supervisor.  I am sorry, but my work is not my life and I am not going to make it all cozy, because it is not the be all end all. I just want to do my job and go home.  *sigh*
4.  I received an email from a case worker in one of the local offices today that convinced me she is barely literate. It was truly appalling. Who sends an email full of shorthand and no capitalization or evidence of grammar to a coworker? So bizarre.
5.  I know it is the depression and anxiety, but I just want to sleep right now and it's not even 8:30. Yikes.
Have a better week friends.

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