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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday 5

1.  I started trying to put in an effort this week and actually wake up at my first alarm to get ready for the day.  Previously, I was hitting snooze 5 times and then rolling over and picking up my tablet to check Facebook and not crawling out of bed until I absolutely had no time left but to pack a quick lunch, change, and run out the door.  Today I received the first obligatory, "You look really nice today.  Is there a change?"  Yep, I'm actually wearing makeup, that's the difference.  Apparently I look like an old hag without it.

2.  I found out that I have anemia today.  My hemoglobin has always been lower than normal and I have a very difficult time giving blood because of it.  However, I've never actually been diagnosed with anemia before.  Apparently, I now have a logical reason as to why I chew ice all day long at work.

3.  I took a shopping trip to Target today.  I actually walked out with only $40 worth of stuff.  I'm amazed.  You don't have any idea how many things I picked up and put back though.  My restraint should be rewarded...with a purse!  Oh, wait...

4.  I bought myself a T-shirt the other day to support my Boys in Blue, the Kansas City Royals.  I've had a Royals shirt, but needed another, as the one I had has what I believe to be cherry juice stains on it.  I got a plain tee with Royals on the front and Eric Hosmer's last name and number (35) on the back.  He's a rockstar and he really grew on me during the playoffs last season.  He has a lot of passion and gets fired up.  He's also extremely supportive of his teammates.  I was looking up last year's roster for someone yesterday and saw that we also have something in common.  Hosmer is a Scorpio, just like myself.  Awesome!

5.  My husband finished up building our raised gardens.  We are hoping to plant everything by the end of this weekend.  I am excited to get it started, but I think we bit off a bit more than we should have this year.  Either way, I'm hoping to enjoy a lot of fresh produce this summer!  I'll have to take pictures of it when it's completed.

Have a great week everyone!

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