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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Tuesday again?

I am sure you probably haven't missed me, but just in case you have, I'm sorry for my absence. I am feeling a little overwhelmed lately. I am valiantly trying to stick with my workouts, but I have gotten a bit behind.  Then, I have been terrible lately at meal planning and have gained back 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Ouch. I am lethargic and busy and feel like I am letting my husband down a lot lately. Of course, being super behind on the blog doesn't help any either. I suck today. Here's my pity party. Bring wine!

1.  I nearly fell asleep driving home after my workout yesterday. I was stopped at a light close to home, yawning and trying to keep my eyes ooen. Then, LMFAO's Party Rock Anthem came on the radio and suddenly, I was awake! Jammin' out and cranking it up.

2.  We moved into a new office building downtown.  It is a block away from a camera/electronics store. I am already eyeing the filters. So many to choose from!

3.  My feet are already starting to develop athlete's foot. Ugh. Anyone have some good alternative remedies?

4. I am thinking of chopping my hair. Not sure about it. I like my long hair, but I never have time to do anything cute with it. I am not sure my fat face will look good with shorter hair.

5.  My tummy is grumbling and I am trying to drink water to get it to shut up. I cannot eat a sleeve of Thin Mints. I must avoid do much sugar, but it is so difficult.  How do you get your tummy to shut up when you are craving goodies?

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Tuesday 5

1.  I started trying to put in an effort this week and actually wake up at my first alarm to get ready for the day.  Previously, I was hitting snooze 5 times and then rolling over and picking up my tablet to check Facebook and not crawling out of bed until I absolutely had no time left but to pack a quick lunch, change, and run out the door.  Today I received the first obligatory, "You look really nice today.  Is there a change?"  Yep, I'm actually wearing makeup, that's the difference.  Apparently I look like an old hag without it.

2.  I found out that I have anemia today.  My hemoglobin has always been lower than normal and I have a very difficult time giving blood because of it.  However, I've never actually been diagnosed with anemia before.  Apparently, I now have a logical reason as to why I chew ice all day long at work.

3.  I took a shopping trip to Target today.  I actually walked out with only $40 worth of stuff.  I'm amazed.  You don't have any idea how many things I picked up and put back though.  My restraint should be rewarded...with a purse!  Oh, wait...

4.  I bought myself a T-shirt the other day to support my Boys in Blue, the Kansas City Royals.  I've had a Royals shirt, but needed another, as the one I had has what I believe to be cherry juice stains on it.  I got a plain tee with Royals on the front and Eric Hosmer's last name and number (35) on the back.  He's a rockstar and he really grew on me during the playoffs last season.  He has a lot of passion and gets fired up.  He's also extremely supportive of his teammates.  I was looking up last year's roster for someone yesterday and saw that we also have something in common.  Hosmer is a Scorpio, just like myself.  Awesome!

5.  My husband finished up building our raised gardens.  We are hoping to plant everything by the end of this weekend.  I am excited to get it started, but I think we bit off a bit more than we should have this year.  Either way, I'm hoping to enjoy a lot of fresh produce this summer!  I'll have to take pictures of it when it's completed.

Have a great week everyone!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tuesday Random 5: Post-Easter edition

I know it has been a while since I posted regularly, but I have been very lazy and disaffected lately. I really am behind on everything and just need a major restart.  I am hoping writing this will help in dome small way to get me back on track.  Here goes!

1. The Easter hangover began Sunday evening.  We visited my parents and stayed up far too late both Friday and Saturday. We played some cards, watched Kentucky lose (Haha), and I actually got a bit of crocheting accomplished.  Sunday evening we were up too late doing laundry for the new week. We had a blast but I was certainly feeling grumpy Sunday night. 

2. I started reading Steve Martin's autobiography,  Born Standing Up. It is a great read so far and it is amazing how he started out! One of my all time favorite comedians.

3. We went to Easter mass at a gorgeous old church known for its frescoes and statuary. It was an amazing place to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. When I was a child, the pieta there brought me to tears.  It scared me and fascinated me. Very similar to how I feel when I think about things beyond this world.

4. Have you heard? The brontosaurus is back! Scientists now believe that the apatosaurus and brontosaurus are two distinct species. This may not seem like a big deal, but it is just as historic as if they finally reinstated Pluto back to regular planet status.

5. Currently on my nightstand: The aforementioned Steve Martin book, Rachel Dratch's book, Girl walks into a Bar, Henri Nouwen's The Return of the Prodigal Son, my Kindle fire, my mouth guard to keep from snoring, baby blanket crochet pattern, a large volume of Twentieth Century American Poetry, a notebook,  a Bible,  my prayer book, 33 Days to morning Glory (a DIY Marian retreat), and a copy of Matthew Kelly's Rediscover Catholicism.  Phew! That's a lot of stuff. How many books are stacked up on your nightstand? Anything good?