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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Tuesday 5: Bookends

1.  I am trying to get more into reading right now, instead of just playing around on the Internet.  That's a small part of the reason I haven't blogged at all in a week or updated anything on my Facebook page either.  I need to read!  I finished Paige Kellerman's book,  "At Least my Belly hides my Cankles", which was hilarious! I read Pope Francis's interview with America magazine, entitled "A Big Heart Open to God", which was brilliant and gave me so much hope.  Once that was finished, I immediately downloaded "The Betrothed" by Alessandro Manzoni, since Pope Francis loved it so much and then downloaded "Yes, Please" by Amy Poehler, because I just couldn't resist.  I started "Yes, Please" today on my lunch break at work and it is already fantastic.  I need more suggestions for faith books, though.  Do you have anything for me?

2.  I am addicted to Trivia Crack.  There, I said it.  I'm a trivia aficionado, so to speak and was that nerdy girl on Scholar's Bowl in high school.  Why can't they have an adult version of that that isn't located in bars?  I'd be totally down with that!  I sometimes get bored with the regular one-on-one game in Trivia Crack, though, so I started playing the random challenges vs. 9 other people and I love them!  12 questions in a row, 2 from each category.  It's timed as well, so you have to be fairly quick.

3.  I watched 3 hours of Friends last night.  In a row.  On Netflix.  It was so great!  I totally remember why I enjoyed that show.  Chandler Bing.  *sigh*  Could he BE any more funny and adorable?!  I think my husband is very similar to Chandler.  He is very quick-witted and cracks me up a lot.  He's also severely adorable, though he looks a bit more like Ross.  I, on the other hand, am horrified to find out that I have grown up to be Monica.  A friend on Facebook, bless her heart, said she thought I was more like Phoebe, because Monica was mean.  Well, I'd say I'm a mixture of them, but I am strongly Monica when it comes to cooking, OCD tendencies, and competitive nature.  I'm more like Phoebe when it comes to my goofiness.  I am not afraid to stand out from the crowd and I am comfortable with being different.  Well, I guess Monica ended up with Chandler, so hey, that worked in my favor!

4.  My left knee was killing me during my workout tonight, so I had to skip the majority of the lunges.  (Not all bad.)  It would pop, then ache like crazy, then pop again and be okay, then pop again and hurt again.  I maintain that it's due to not enough cartilage in my knee.  I played volleyball in junior high and freshman year of high school, as well as a few years ago when I played with a work team and I played softball all the way through high school.  Anyone who has played those sports can tell you that they do a number on your knees.  I'm not saying I was a great player, but I think the fact that I loved to throw myself on the floor and dig volleyballs combined with my weight and age all add up to some very creaky knees.  I can't imagine if I didn't work out what they'd be like!

5.  My husband found a lovely cookbook at Target the other day, when we were supposed to go for 'a few things' and ended up with a cart full of stuff, the majority of which were NOT on my list.  Isn't it crazy how Target does that to you?  Seriously, I went for like 3 things and ended up spending $20 just on knee high socks to wear with my boots!  Oh dear.  Anyhow, the cookbook is a cooking for two cookbook put out by America's Test Kitchen.  I adore America's Test Kitchen, so I checked it out and it's GREAT.  It's specifically tailored for recipes for two, obvs. but we desperately need this because when I cook, I COOK.  A lot o' food.  Even when it's just Rick and I during the week.  I'm trying out 4 recipes from it this week.  I will have to try to report back.  Pork Chops with pears and blue cheese, garlicky green beans, parmesan crusted asparagus, and Spaghetti with pecorino romano, which is basically like an alfredo.

Have a great week, everyone in the fatherhood, motherhood, and otherhood!  Love my peeps!

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Dorothy Gale said...

I'd participate in grown up scholars' bowl tournaments! I loved being on the scholar's bowl team in high school!

Paige Kellerman said...

Thank you so much for the awesome mention of Cankles! I'm so glad you liked it. Thanks for making my day!