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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

5 Things I have learned from Exercise

As some of you may know, in August I hired a personal trainer.  Her name is Jamie, she is awesome, and she comes 3 times a week for a half-hour workout.  I was to the point that I felt so sick and depressed because of my weight.  I couldn't walk fast like I used to be able to do, without my legs hurting almost immediately.  I couldn't ride my bike very far and I definitely couldn't touch my toes.

My lifestyle had become very sedentary and I needed to make a big change.  I heard her ad on the local radio and decided to give her a call to set up an appointment.  I cried as I told her that I needed a push, a big push, to get me going.  I thought that having someone who comes to my home would force me to work out, because why would I pay that much to not get results.

It has been a long journey and I am only part way through it.  I have lost a lot of inches and about 25 pounds since August.  My energy has surged and I can now walk the block to work without gasping for breath.

I have learned a lot.  Here are 5 things that I have learned from a regular exercise routine.

1.  The second set is so much easier than the first.  I feel like my muscles have warmed up and I can do all the exercises without having to stop nearly as much the second time through.  This is especially true for exercises that work my knees and thighs.  I can tolerate more pain and intensity the second time around.

2.  Pushups, even modified ones, are a killer arm and core exercise that does a body good.  I have come to really enjoy pushups, I feel more like Wonder Woman when it gets easier and easier to do them.  Try them right after you've done some hard core work.  Yowch!  It hurts so good!

3.  I really enjoy that feeling after I have done killer ab workouts.  You know that feeling.  That tightness you get in your side or your abdomen after you've done a ton of crunches in a row?  Where it feels like you can't breathe for a split second?  LOVE IT!  It's crazy, I know, but that feeling makes me smile because then I know for sure that I have really crushed it.

4.  A proper bra is key.  I have a pair of significantly sized tatas.  Let me tell you, I am dying for a new sports bra or three.  First of all, I have lost some weight and we all know the girls deflate first.  Secondly, I need to strap these babies down!  Seriously, I feel like I almost give myself a black eye every time I do some mountain climbers.  Sports bras are one item that you want to make sure you get what you pay for.  Spend it, because the girls are worth it!

5.  Burpees are the embodiment of everything evil in this world.  I'm sure most of you already know this, but in case you didn't, I'm here to tell you.  They. Suck. I can't stand lunges or squat jumps, but burpees?  Burpees are the 7th circle of hell.

Don't say I didn't warn you!

Most days I actually really enjoy my workouts.  My trainer does a great mix of components and I utilize a kettle bell, some hand weights, and several resistance bands in my workouts.  I can now touch my toes with just a tiny bend in the knees.  I have actually gotten some definition in my biceps.  I've never been a big lover of exercise, beyond swimming, biking, volleyball and softball, but with Jamie's help I actually look forward to exercising.  That my friends is amazing in and of itself.

Any tips for me or exercises you love?  Let me know below in the comments or on my Facebook page at the link under my header.  Thanks and have a great week!


Mlada said...

So proud of your hard work! I agree, modified pushups are amazing. I can do about 13, probably not even correctly, but a few years ago I couldn't even do 1.

Janelle said...

Thank you so much! You are such a wonderful support and I'm so glad to call you friend!