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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Tuesday 5: Would You Rather....

1.  Have your spouse be sick and sleep in another room OR have your sickly other half sleep next to you because you can't sleep without him there?

2.  Have someone go on and on about how awesome their life is OR listen to someone talk about how this world is totally screwed and there's nothing anyone can do?

3.  Go all winter without shaving your legs OR Go all summer without working out?

4.  Forget your own birthday OR Forget a special event in your relationship?

5.  Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt, Chris Evans OR Chris Pine?

For the record, I would totally lose sleep either way on #1, so I'd rather he be in another room so that I can try to not get sick.

I would totally listen to the positive than the negative, but I'd bitch about both.  The humblebraggers are annoying and the complainers just want to pull you into their misery.  Don't fall for it!  Take it from Admiral Ackbar:  

I am all about Sasquatchin' it out over the winter.  I can't stand working out, but at least you get some endorphins kicking in afterwards.  Though, now that I think about it, shaving your legs after 3 months of winter is probably similar to an Olympic event.

I am going to take some heat for this, but I'd rather forget a special event in our relationship than my own birthday.  As long as I remember my anniversary or my dateaversary, it's all good, but to forget my own birthday?  How would I know that I turned 29 (again)?  Plus, I love a good Halloween/Birthday Bash!

Lastly, I mean, is it even a contest really?  Chris Hemsworth all the way!  Thor for the win!  Something about that magic hammer.  ;)

Have a great week everyone!  

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