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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Totally Random Tuesday 5!

1.  Schools around here are getting a day off tomorrow for the cold.  Okay, look, we live in Kansas and yes, it's supposed to be cold tomorrow, but really?  A day off for the cold?  I don't recall ever getting a day off as a kid because it was too cold.  Do I not remember my childhood correctly or what?  This is strange to me, because while I understand there would potentially be children hanging out at bus stops in the cold, I also think that we live in Kansas and we should be better prepared for the cold already.  I mean, I wear long underwear under my work slacks because I have to walk a block and a half into work and yeah, it's cold!  I don't know...I guess I'm getting to be an old fogey.

2.  What has happened to families volunteering with the church?  I know I've said something about this before, but I am literally the only woman under 40 actively involved in my church's Women's Fellowship.  My parents volunteered all the time when I was a kid and we either went along to help out or stayed at home while they did whatever it was.  I feel sad that our society focuses more on overbooking our children with activities or spending every waking moment adoring them than on being a better example for them.  Don't we all want our children to have a giving heart?  How will they learn if we don't lead by example?

3.  I filled out my calendar for 2015 the other day and came across my father-in-law's birthday.  I didn't know whether I should write it down or not, since he's gone.  Same with he and my mother-in-law's anniversary.  It made me sad.  I wrote them down anyhow, because they are important dates, but I wish Ernie was here to celebrate his special day with everyone instead.

4.  My husband is trying to quit smoking.  He's been doing pretty well, but he has to have crutch cigarettes every now and again.  I'm hoping those will stop soon as well.  I can't wait until his smoker's cough is finally gone!  Please pray or send positive vibes his way.  He needs any help he can get.

5.  Our church's Schola Cantorum (children's choir) was invited to sing at the Vatican's Mass for the feast of the Epiphany next year.  They get to perform for the pope!  That is amazing and so very cool!  They performed at our Women's Fellowship meeting tonight and they were beautiful.  I'm so excited for them.

Have a great week everyone!! 

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