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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Just Another Tuesday 5

1.  I started a new way of menu planning this week.  I wrote down all of the normal meals that I make on note cards.  Then, I pick from the note cards and use them to designate what we have on each day of the week.  There are a few cards that I forgot and need to make, including ones for leftovers and sandwiches, but I have tried to include a lot of the things I make on a regular basis.  This week started off with kielbasa and sauerkraut and tonight was homemade sloppy joes.  We also have mushroom and leek soup and beef stroganoff planned for later this week.  It makes it a lot easier for me to grocery shop, too.

2.  The main thing that I have discovered while doing #1 is that I have very few low-carb recipes.  I need to find ones that include a lot more protein and a lot fewer carbs and less sugar.  I feel like I'm eating a lot of eggs as a substitute for high carbohydrate food, but I can only eat so many.  I need some great, family-friendly low-carb recipes!  Anyone willing to help a gal out?

3.  I read an article today about the ref who called a touchdown on the Fail Mary play 2 years ago in the NFL game between the Green Bay Packers and the Seattle Seahawks.  It's from the short time the league used replacement referees while there was a labor disagreement.  The guy basically has had his life completely turned upside down by all the people who harassed him after that controversial call.  He suffers from PTSD because of the death threats and harassment he received as a result of this call.  The first year after it happened, he really tried to keep it together and even wrote a book about dealing with the results of a decision.  I find it extremely sad that our country is so messed up that people are actually threatening physical violence toward someone because of sports.  Love and respect go a long way to making this world better to live in.  I hope more people start passing those on instead of anger and hatred.  This world is ugly enough as it is.

4.  Anyone else watch the Golden Globes this weekend?  I am kind of an awards show freak.  I think it goes hand and hand with my love of lists.  It just seems orderly and neat and I love the surprised faces when underdogs win.  My favorite speeches of the evening were from Gina Rodriguez, who won Best Actress in a TV show-Comedy or Musical for "Jane the Virgin" and Kevin Spacey, who won Best Actor in a TV show-Drama for "House of Cards".  I flove Kevin Spacey.  He just seems really cool and intelligent and he always picks the most interesting roles.  I also loved Michael Keaton's speech.  He will always be Batman, no matter what.

5.  My husband has discovered "The X-Files" on Hulu Plus.  He is obsessed.  We have also discovered "Brooklyn 9-9" which is hilarious!  Anyone have some recommendations?

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