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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Tuesday 5: Hurry it up! Edition

1.  4 1/2 hours left before Christmas vacation officially begins for me!  I'm very thankful that this year the state of Kansas gave their employees a half day on Christmas eve, all day Christmas, and all day on the 26th as holidays.  Let's face it, no one's been cranking out any 'real' work since last Friday!

2.  I got pretty much in and out of the post office today, miraculously!  Clearly, I'm a bit behind in sending packages, but my nephew will get it on the 26th.  Close enough, right?  :/

3.  Please don't drive 25 mph in a 35 or 40 mph zone.  Especially if you then decide to turn and don't use a blinker.  There should be a separate circle of hell for those people.

4.  Still no completed Christmas cards.  Ugh.  They are sitting here practically staring at me.  So rude!  I did buy a bunch of stamps today, but I don't wanna do them tonight.  Maybe they'll be Happy New Year's cards instead?

5.  I completed this list in 20 minutes.  Partly because I'm lazy and don't want to think of a better idea for the Tuesday 5 tonight and partly because I'm in a hurry to change into my pajamas and curl up in bed with my Kindle.


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