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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Food quirks

"Meatloaf, smeatloaf, double beetloaf...I hate meatloaf!"

Ralphie's younger brother Randy, in "A Christmas Story" had it right.

I cannot stand meatloaf.  It is usually dry and gross and the flavor is in no way appealing to me.  

I grew up in a family 6 brothers and sisters and when I was younger, my Mom made meatloaf, meatballs, and hamburger A LOT.  I was the child that had to sit at the table for hours on end, because I wouldn't eat my hamburger.  Boy, was I stubborn!  

To this day, I am not a fan of ground beef.  I prefer black bean and spinach enchiladas to beef ones and do not eat hamburgers on a regular basis, if I can help it.  I refuse to eat pizza with beef on it. *gag*  I actually don't like any meat on my pizza at all.  About the only thing I like with ground beef in it is bierocks.

However, my husband LOVES the stuff.  He loves my beef enchiladas.  He devours my BBQ meatballs and he loves super supreme pizza with everything but the kitchen sink on it.  Ugh!

This morning I was feeling industrious and really wanted to start cleaning out some extras that had piled up in my freezer.  I had 1 1/2 pounds of ground beef left over from a 3 lb. roll I'd bought a couple weeks ago and half a pound of ground beef left over from a 2 lb. package when I made sloppy joes a few weeks ago.  (I do like the sloppy joes I make, though I don't make it very often.)  I Googled 2 lb. ground beef recipes, which led me to

I am not a huge fan of, but sometimes you can find some real gems.  Today's search led me to a recipe for Smoky Chipotle Meatloaf.  I had everything on hand, which is always a plus.  I hate having to run to the store for stuff when I just want to cook something and be done with it.  I actually had a small Tupperware in my freezer that had leftover chipotles in adobo sauce from the last time I made something with it.

By the way, what is with the recipes that call for chipotle?!  You only ever need a couple for each recipe.  That's why I always freeze the rest.  I also freeze leftover broth and tomato paste, because Lord knows I never make two recipes in a row that use all of the leftovers!  

Anyhoo...this is the very first time in my 10+ years of marriage that I have actually made meatloaf!  And?  It was delicious!!  I really, really liked it.  It was really moist, so it doesn't hold together incredibly well,  (I actually almost double the oats called for in the recipe) but it was super moist and delicious.  I totally forgot to put potatoes on  ( I got distracted by my stepdaughter whining about being BOOOOORED) but I did get some home grown frozen corn to go with it.  I think next time I'll have to make the cheesy hashbrown casserole to go with it.


Oh, and tell me, what food quirks do you guys have?  Mine's actually not just ground beef.  I cannot stand regular boneless chicken breasts either.  They are always too dry, no matter how you prepare them.  Not a fan of pork either.  I could easily be vegetarian, or at least pescetarian, because I LOVE seafood.

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Mlada said...

I worked with someone who couldn't handle raw meat. She would wear gloves or get someone else to work with it. I don't do organ meats AT ALL, no matter how classy they may be. I also don't like food too hot. Oatmeal is also out, or was until I found this great overnight steel cut oats recipe from Cook's Illustrated. I ate two big bowls of that stuff.