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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tuesday Random 5: Turkey Day Edition

Can you believe that Thanksgiving is only 2 days away?  Wow, has this month gone fast!  My husband and I are hosting my oldest brother, his wife, and their three girls and my youngest brother, so there will be 10 of us.  This week's random thoughts revolve around this holiday.

1.  My husband is doing the heavy lifting this year.  He's smoking a turkey and making a stock that will be used for gravy and stuffing.  He did a trial run a few weeks ago and it turned out phenomenally well.  I don't even LIKE smoked turkey and I thought it was delicious!

2.  Speaking of stuffing, this year we're trying something different.  Muffings!  Stuffing muffins.  I'm not sure how I feel about that, because I'm not a fan of overly crispy things.  I always ask for my hashbrowns to be done lightly.  I don't like the super crispy parts...ick.  I also have a thing about french fries.  I cannot stand the super crispy ones.  I love the steak fries that are nice and fluffy.  One of these days I need to share my double fried fries recipe.  (Not that it's incredibly difficult, but oh are they amazing!)  Stuffing in muffins is a 'thing' people!  It's going to be one of my sides this year, along with the corn we grew and froze ourselves this past summer, and the cranberry jelly in a can.  My favorite!

3.  Hubby has asked that any leftover turkey go to a turkey pot pie this year, so that'll be new and different.  I love my homemade chicken pot pie, but we'll see how it translates using leftover turkey and gravy, with peas and carrots.  Sounds good, though!

4.  I was going to try to make pumpkin spice creme brulee this year, but a decent butane torch is nearly $40 and I would have to buy ramekins, too.  Instead, I am making traditional pumpkin pies and individual pecan caramel cheesecakes.  I'm very excited about that last one, because I HEART cheesecake, so much.  Hubby wanted traditional pecan pie, but I really wanted something different.

5.  I'm hoping it will be decent so the cousins can all run around outside after lunch, but we shall see.  Kansas isn't exactly known for consistent weather patterns.  Ha.  It'll be nice having them here though, since my parents are halfway across the country visiting a brother and a sister that live on the east coast.  

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I am very thankful for my thoughtful readers (i.e.-the friends I forced into reading this).  I am also thankful that God has helped guide me to a better place in my life.  


Mlada said...

#2--I feel COMPLETELY THE OPPOSITE OF YOU! I really, really love the crunchy parts. I just went to the cafeteria last week and asked for the really, really crunchy cheese pizza--they had a whole burned pizza to share with me. They took a picture because they couldn't believe I would eat it. I love the idea of stuffings! We're still friends, though--I'll give you all my soft fries.

Janelle said...

Hahaha. Yeah, Rick is the total opposite of me as well. He wants everything super crispy. So he should love the muffings! Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate them. Have a great Thanksgiving!