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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Embarrassment happens, but I don't have to like it.

Okay, perhaps I am the one who is a little odd.  Fine, I am the one who is a little odd.  My husband could provide proof in various forms as evidence of this.

I guess I should ask if I'm the only one who feels this way, but I don't like embarrassment.  Yeah, it's bad enough when I am the one who is embarrassed, but how do you feel when it is someone else's embarrassment?

And by someone else, I mean fictional characters.  Yup, I'm odd.  These are the things I think about on a daily basis.

My husband and I had this discussion last night.  We came across a show called "The 40 Biggest Fails of 2011".  The Packers had already basically closed the door on the Vikings and the only thing left to watch was Saturday Night Live.  We never watch it, but of course, the one time this year that we did watch it, was the repeat of the Louis CK one that was on.  That's when we came upon this show.  It showed the video of the guy biking in Africa that got basically run the hell over by an antelope.  Ouch.  Not so bad.  Then it showed a video of an older woman that was trying to bump and grind up against a rapper at a pool party of some sort.  My husband thought it was hilarious.  I, on the other hand, felt badly for this woman.  I was uncomfortable watching her do this and in the process, fall over and wipe out on the cement.

Thus began our discussion of things that make us uncomfortable. I cannot watch things that make me embarrassed for those individuals or things that are potentially dangerous for individuals.  My husband brought up the video of the people in Brazil that got pranked when they were riding an elevator and the lights were turned off.  When the lights were off, a little girl who was made up to look dead (white all over, crazy hair, etc.) crawled through an opening in the side and then the lights were turned back on.  The people in the video freaked the F out.  Big. Time.  He thought it was great and even stated that he would have loved to have been pranked like that just so he could see his reaction.  I, on the other hand, despise being scared and didn't find the video funny at all.

This leads me to my oddity.  I cannot stand to see people embarrassed.  My example is the scene from "Bring it On" where they go to the regional cheerleading competition only to find out that the team just ahead of them has the same exact routine with the same musical montage.  I own this movie, it's a guilty pleasure of mine, a fun, frothy film that is pointless, but I just love it.  Anyhow, any time that I watch  this movie, I have to leave the room when that part starts.  I just can't watch them being humiliated like that.  Fictional characters.  Yup, officially weird.  It's not just fictional characters, but that's where it seems to happen most frequently, because there are a lot of instances in movies that I've seen a kajillion times where I just can't bear to watch that person (fine, character) get embarrassed.  It truly makes me feel bad.

Anyone else out there have quirks like this?  Or, maybe just like mine (please, oh please!)?  If so, what movie scenes can you just not watch?

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